Kingdom a finance student in Shanghai, was looking around for a job. He displayed sterling qualities which stuck Shane Olson. Shane spoke to his friend and Board Member of Gathering Together, Jon Brantingham, regarding the possibility of any work  in his company. Jon interviewed Kingdom and was impressed. He hired him to expand his company business in Africa. Kingdom works as finance manager for Gathering Together as a non paid volunteer. He also coordinates the projects in  Zimbabwe, assisted by his brother, Godknows.

Gathering Together began to work in Zimbabwe in 2015. There was a huge Typhoid outbreak in Harare. Gathering Together decided to invest in digging bore wells to ensure clean drinking water.

Future plans

  • One upcoming trip planned for  early 2017 (Jan/Feb) plan to drill a borewell near a school.
  • Continue helping with yearly leadership training for an organization called New Day Ministry which has branches in different locations
  • Children’s camp—singing, English classes, sports etc is being planned for the trip.

Zimbabwe Projects and Partnerships

Operation Borewell:
Gathering Together seeks to reduce the incidence of communicable diseases by digging borewells, thus providing safe drinking water.

Leadership Training:

Children’s outreach:
Gathering Together partners with One World School. Gathering Together is facilitating the expansion of the school. Helping to raise funds for staff salaries, and providing sports equipment to enhance the students physical education. A borewell has also been dug.

Building bridges of love:
Lara was contacted by Jonathan, a student in Shanghai. His sister in Zimbabwe was sick. She hadn’t eaten for two weeks. Got to know she was HIV+ve and on medication for it which is called ARV medications. As a nurse practitioner Lara is in constant touch with the sister.