Joy has a Myriad Colors

Gathering Together partners with Deepam with an aim to facilitate change by encouraging positive behavior patterns through leading by example as well as positive reinforcements. This has been done through instilling values through fun learning like holding sports and craft activities.

The boys of the community around Deepam were invited to a special workshop to learn a useful craft.

Excitement was in the air it could be felt around Deepam School. The boys waited with eagerness for Deepam to open the doors. Not only were they going to get new T Shirts, but also learn the technique of tie dying. These children come from very impoverished backgrounds. There is no space for them to play, not in the matchbox tenement houses, nor in the narrow roads.

Batch by batch they worked, with the help of a group of volunteers. They were disciplined and showed care for one another. They waited for their turn patiently. They have learnt that they can have fun, even while being conscientious and learning.