What happens when two people marry who have the same compassionate heart to care for those who  face dire situations of helplessness and hopelessness mainly due to lack of finances? They keep an open house where the homeless and orphans are welcomed. They care for the sick not counting the cost…and of course-they start an International NGO because they are helping people in developing countries around the world!! (hyperlink to About The Founders)

A playground project in Liberia was promoted and coordinated by 2 nine year old boys. This won international recognition for them across the world. Ian the boy whose dream it was is now the youth ambassador in Ghana. He has been recognized by the President and governing body in Liberia. This has led to many more projects and partnerships in Liberia.

People will be convinced of the necessity and value of connecting with and caring for others in need.

Everyone will be provided meaningful opportunities to invest their lives towards helping others reach their full potential.

Those who make investments of their time, skills, or other resources to help the needy will reap tremendously fulfilling dividends.

To be an inspired team that establishes and maintains channels of assistance between people in need and people who can help.

These channels typically take the form of service trips to various parts of the world, local service projects, opportunities to give support towards specific needs, and, most importantly, the relationships that result from these actions.