Come visit India. India is a land with a rich cultural heritage and boasts of a multifaceted landscape, right from the Himalayas in the North to the coastal regions in the south. Indian society is a pluralistic society which is multilingual, multicultural and multi-religious and multi-ethnic.

Gathering Together is based in Bangalore.  Bangalore has in the last two decades earned international recognition for being the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore also has many call centers. Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city and home to diverse cultures and peoples groups both from within India and globally. Due to its rapid urban expansion, Bangalore has many slums, where migrant workers reside and get daily wages as workers in the construction industry.

Stay with us and visit our diverse projects ranging from medical interventions to micro growth projects. Exploitation has many faces. Visit the slums and interact with the slum dwellers. Get to know their problems. Understand their desires and dreams. Meet the expat student community. You will appreciate the vulnerabilities of the young people. Meet those who are still in chains under the caste system. Come, partner with us.