Seven Rivers Farm

This is a home for orphans. Gathering Together supports the funding for expanding the orphanage.

Seven Rivers is a farm which houses orphans. Most of the parents of these orphans have died due to AIDS. Seven Rivers farm has got its name because there are seven rivers between Durban and this place which have to be crossed to reach this place. It is situated in a very poor locality.

Children are placed with women who are destitute, thus becoming a family. Each woman is given about 5-7 children to look after and mother. Vegetables are home grown as each home has little vegetable garden plots.

  • Team members helped to build steps at Seven Rivers Farm. They also painted the buildings during the trip in June 2016

Umdoni Academy new heading

This is a school for children who come from good economic backgrounds.

Gathering Together has been successful in Negotiations with Umdoni Academy. The Academy will admit a few underprivileged children who show an aptitude for studies. Scholarships are  raised and given for the selected orphans and underprivileged children to study in this Academy.

Gathering Together has helped raise money to upscale the Academy building.