Provision Asia

A well known established NGO that works with the physically challenged to provide prosthesis and skills training. Gathering Together raises funding for staff. Gathering Together has been invited to provide guidance to help leadership and staff be more efficient and expand the work to Africa.

Vocational training is provided for the beneficiaries.

Differently Special

What does a young mother do, when her son, at three years is still unable to hold a morsel of food to eat?

Sheela, a humble tailor, was flooded with despair. Was there no hope for her differently abled son, Joshua?  She felt paralyzed by poverty, whose tendrils had wrapped themselves over her. She desired to give the best for her son. But, schools for children like him were exorbitantly expensive. Sheela’s husband, an alcoholic  and a wife beater, gave no financial support.

Sheela’s dreams for her child were reignited when she heard of ProVISION ASIA. The NGO gave her child admission in their school, Mitra, for differently abled children. The management is sensitive to the needs of these children. They understand the challenges parents face to take their children who are physically unable to control their bodies to walk or do any other activity of daily living. The school provides transportation for their children as well as nutritious food in the form of breakfast, lunch and snacks.  Sheela was able to send her son to school because all his needs are cared for holistically, understanding her financial situation.

Joshua was assessed by his teachers. He was patiently taught to read and write, he could recite simple rhymes and do simple arithmetic. He was taught with much patience to eat by himself, and take care of his personal needs. After three years Joshua was ready to go to a school for normal children. ProVISION ASIA has raised support for his tuition fees. Joshua is well integrated into the school.

Sheela is one happy mother.