Devanahalli, Bangalore

Equipping  Children With Skills to Lead

Shane Olson and his eleven year old son Eric Olson, work together as a team in Bangalore on the Micro Growth project. Eric and Shane sign documents (MOU) together with beneficiaries when they receive the livestock.  Families maintain a record of their expenses. Even though Eric can’t read Kannada, he knows what the figures in each column kept by the beneficiary families stand for, because he takes his responsibility very seriously. Eric Olson keeps a track of all activities and faithfully sends updates to the donors.

Eric is excited to see the project grow. Gathering Together has received money from a donor in China. The money given  will benefit four more families.

Currently 5 cows have been given to 4 beneficiary families.  It is now set to expand to 4 more new families. The livestock will include  12 kids ( goats), 1 buffalo and 2 cows.

Gathering Together, encourages families to be part of their projects.  Along with the livestock, Gathering Together provides the basic start up costs  of Rs15,000 for 2 cows or Rs 10,000 for 1 cow to cover the basic costs of getting a shelter built for the cows, food and other needs, like buckets, sanitizers etc.

Thanking all our donors for their generosity and love. Your gift will transform families and the communities to which they belong.