Afadjato Hospital

Gift Joy by Gifting Light.

Lavelah Tokpah lives in a village called Salayea, in Lofa county. He was blind for over five years because of cataract. All he needed was a simple operation. But he didn’t know that. Nor did he know that he would see light again.

Sight and joy returned to him, when Lara Olson, Dr Ryan Pfeifer  and Melissia McGraw met him when they travelled to Liberia on a medical mission! They networked with an eye hospital in Ghana, helped Lavelah to travel there and get his sight back.  Dr Alfred is the  ophthalmologist who performed the successful surgery, giving light to Lavelah’s world of darkness. Dr Alfred now works in Afadjato Hospital.

Gathering Together has been addressing interventions in Ghana since the year 2013.

Gathering Together is partnering with Afadjato Hospital to provide free check up and eye surgeries for people who reside in and around Ghana. We are seeking to raise money for a minimum of 1700 people who might otherwise go blind. Each surgery costs $100.

So far 53 donors have sponsored for surgeries.

Gift $100.  Gift sight, light and joy to someone in need.