A spark is Caught, A Flame is Kindled. The Fire Begins to Grow.
Mwansa Chilufya and Nikiwe Banda, two Zambian students studying Medicine in Shanghai, China, got to meet Lara Olson and hear about Gathering Together. They were excited to learn about the many projects of Gathering Together.  Mwansa Chilufya and Nikiwe Banda caught the spark that Gathering Together ignites in every heart which has compassion to reach out and help those who are needy, the marginalized and defenseless.

This very new beginning has just started in February 2015. The students decided to help a school in Kaezi village, by purchasing and providing back packs and books for the school children, who used to carry their books in plastic carry bags.

Gathering Together is excited for yet another opportunity to reach out to the needy, and look forward to begin operations here. The Africa Senior Coordinator Sakhile Chili will be shortly paying a visit to the village to do a needs assessment to understand the existing gaps and what is required by the community in order to plan the way ahead.

The Republic of Zambia, formerly Northern Rhodesia celebrated 50 years of freedom on the 24th of October 2014. Incidentally their Independence Day falls on Lara’s Birthday.

Future plans

Children’s Arthur Dawson hospital in Ndola:
Dental student, Chisenga, met the Olsons when pursuing her studies in China. she returned home to complete her internship. She was very distressed to note that the hospital has no blankets and the number of beds too little. While she realized she could not address this need in her own strength, she knew who would lend a sympathetic ear and a helping hand. She pleaded with her classmates to contact the Olsons. They did. Gathering Together has undertaken to raise funds for the project. Currently they are working on an MOU with the hospital, to get the necessary permissions required for the blankets and beds.

Village school:
Mwansa Chilufya and Nikiwe Banda will be compiling a list of whats required and submit the same to Gathering Together for further follow up.