Core Values
  • Consider all needs brought to our attention and diligently seek to connect select needs with the most appropriate, available resources, be it GT resources or otherwise.
  • Encourage and enable direct, personal involvement.
  • Advise people to share about their involvement with and awareness of people in need. This will inspire those who hear to add purpose and fulfillment to their lives by joining in the effort to help those in need.
  • Employ wisdom in helping others, such that those being helped can realize their full potential and be able to pass along help to yet others in need.
  • GT does not want anyone to contribute resources that they are otherwise led to give to another local organization with which they are affiliated (e.g. religious, charitable, or philanthropic groups). We do not desire, by any means, to lead people away from being strongly involved in their local communities and from maintaining previous, worthwhile commitments. Any such result would be in direct opposition to the goals and visions of GT.
  • Wherever we work, it will always be done in conjunction with other like-minded, local leaders or organizations. We understand that our interactions may be short term or long distance. As such, our aim is to build up local leaders and organizations in order to ensure our assistance is constructive and sustainable.