Service Trip Stories – Arvie


Today I was feeling very exhausted and sad, miles and miles away from home. But when I saw the latest pictures you shared, all my tiredness and sorrow vanished. Ms Lara, Thank you for serving the people of my town. The venue in Banate for the English Camp is the school from which I graduated. The school which helped me develop not just my academic knowledge but a value system of goodness and love.

Life in Banate is not easy. It fills me with joy to see the children from all walks of life enjoying themselves. You have given the children something to cherish and remember all their lives. They anticipate your coming, which is a highlight for them.

From the bottom of my heart thank you Gathering Together and team Shanghai for the life changing opportunities you have given to the children.  Thank you so much for giving them hope and inspiration to bless others too.

I will make every effort to be at the camp next year the 10th year Gathering Together will be in the Philippines. I want to share the way you have changed my life and given me a hope and a future. Today I am able to work because of the investment you made in my studies. Thank you once again.