Eden Ministries

A ministry started to rescue and rehabilitate sex workers. Women go in groups to red light areas and known brothels and massage parlors which are usually fronts for sex trafficking. They build a relationship with the sex workers and brothel owners, and then empower them to leave the trade. These women are housed in aftercare homes, and provided counseling and rehabilitation services.

Rehabilitation is provided by introducing them to job oriented vocational courses such as jewellery making etc

Gathering Together partners with hospitals to facilitate health care to the women who voluntarily come out of the trade. Girls are examined, investigations done and focused health interventions provided as required. If pregnant, all their needs are provided through the pregnancy.

Gathering Together encourages women to actively participate and be on rescue teams. Women also are encouraged to help with life skills and professional expertise. Gathering Together also helps support through logistics  jewellery sales both within Shanghai and also promoting sales abroad.