Asia Projects

Reaching out to Expat Students

China is home to many students across the world. Many African students are stigmatized because of their skin color. Gathering Together has reached out to many African students and other students who suffer from homesickness and desire a family atmosphere, both financially and emotionally.

Lara Olson has provided medical guidance to all students. She has also come alongside of young unmarried mothers and given the required support.

The Olsons held a wedding celebration for a young cosmopolitan couple (husband from Ghana and wife from Shanghai, because the husband adopted them as his parents! A party for 30 turned into a party for 250 guests.


  • Been the catalysts for policy changes in 5 countries to enable adoption of children with special needs. Countries of Ireland, Australia, Italy, Spain, and Canada.
  • Doctors in these developing countries have been very impressed with the health of the adopted children (born with spina bifida) their ability to walk despite lack of shunt revisions, and the lack of infections which are very common.
  • Children do not display isolation syndromes usually found in orphans because of the love they have been showered with, even if they have changed many homes
  • Children cope well in developed nations as most know English