Projects and Partnerships

  1. English Camps.: Dumangas and Banate. Currently youth from Dumangas are empowered and hand held to lead the camps in Banate
  2. Leadership training: Initially the first two years, training was facilitated by the volunteers, but subsequently leaders are being deputed to Manila for leadership training
  3. Dumangas Christian School. Funds raised by Gathering Together.
  4. Sports Outreach. Each year witnesses more and more children and youth participating in the sports tournaments, especially basket ball.
  5. Scholarship Program: Children from poor families who have an aptitude for learning are identified. The parents are contacted and certain requirements such as children’s attendance at school, getting good grades, community service by parents, attendance for PTA meetings etc are required to fulfil selection criteria.
  6. Softball: coaches teach value education and coach softball. Board members paid for girl’s team from university to fly to Taiwan, for training resulting in them winning the national title the following year-2015.