Sackie Gbomoh, Katata, Margibi County

The first modern playground to be built in Liberia. Project playground has benefitted the area as due to the high volume of traffic of families visiting the playground, a road has been built. The playground is located in the village of Sackie Gbomoh, close to the only school located in the vicinity. The school has charge of the playground.

Healthy women Healthy Liberia Hospital:
Waterfield Primary Health Care Center is a hospital founded by Dr. Christiana Hena, who worked in the former Soviet Union for 20 years. This started as a clinic which along with her home was located close to the playground.The clinic has now expanded into a hospital with the theme ‘Healthy Women Healthy Liberia’.

Community Outreach:
The hospital has a community cell with community training given to 15 local young people. It has been commendable to note that none of the communities in this catchment area have any Ebola deaths.

Organic Farming:
An organic farm has been set up close to the hospital at Katata. Food is grown for the patients as well as to sell to a nearby university.


Gathering Together’s partner,  HELLO ((Help Encourage Liberian Little Ones), supplies books to the school library with the aim of inculcating the habit of reading books by the students.