Ingane Yami. Dassenhoek

This is a place where there is a high poverty level and a high crime rate. A unique concept designed to help both single women or single mothers and children. Every mother is given a few children to take care. Families’ rear rabbits, engage in gardening etc. children are provided schooling, with mothers helping with their homework etc as in any family. Gathering Together helps to support trips and help them for purposes of employment, as well as selling products made by the Women’s entrepreneurship program.

Rescue abandoned children from the streets and provide a home. Help the children to grow up with values leading them to be productive adults

Use sports to reach out to children and build values in them. Currently they have 47 boys who are soccer players and 30 girls who are netballers.

Partner with 2 high schools and 4 primary schools in the community, so at average the children’s village takes care of 700 children every week.

Umdoni Academy, Park Rynie: private school that has decided to open up to poor children that have academic aptitude.

  • Money was raised for students’ fees, transport, books, and school bags.
  • Sports equipment were given to the children. A fun cricket tournament was organized.