I affirm you for your desire to do the right thing and return tithe to its rightful owner—God. I also thank you on behalf of the Living Hope Community Church for your faithfulness in returning the Lord’s tithe in the past, thus enabling the church to do God’s work in the world. I recognize that the church is not perfect, and perhaps the decision its leaders take from time to time may not meet our personal expectations, but the church will continue to be God’s appointed agency for the saving of people for His soon return.

I empathize with your disappointment but I would encourage you to continue to be faithful, and return tithe as you’ve always done when you said yes to Jesus. You know these Biblical principles, but I will restate them as a reminder to both of us:

  • Tithe belongs to God.
  • Tithe is an act of worship.
  • Stewards return tithe as an expression of their faithfulness to God, and its part of their relationship with Him.
  • Tithe is to be returned to God’s storehouse.