Serving Together – One Heart Many Roles

Lara and Shane Olson share a common love to reach out to those in pain, who are hurting and lost, those facing death, the list goes on.. enveloping nearly everyone who crosses their path and has a need. This passion is shared by their three boys. In this journey there are many partners across the world, who share this passion.

Shane Olson is the CEO of Gathering Together. Lara is Co Founder and Senior Manager of International Operations.

Shane Olson has completed his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona, and his Masters in the same field from Stanford University. Shane currently works in  General Motors International, in India as The Chief Engineer, India Vehicle Programs. Despite his busy schedule, he finds the time  to nurture Gathering Together.

Lara Olson has the distinction of being both a medical lab technician and a nurse practitioner. This is her forte, as she reaches out to those in need of medical interventions. Project partners, across the globe, consult her for advice. She is thus always on whatsapp, always responsive, in the midst of all her activities. she constantly updates her knowledge to keep abreast with advances in Medicine. Lara co ordinates trips and project activities.

All three children  engage in different fundraising activities for the needy, which is actively encouraged by the parents. They all have a heart to serve.

Thirteen year old Ian Olson, is  often engaged in speaking assignments ever since his playground project in Liberia took off. His dream is to see that Liberia has a playground in every county and he is working towards his goal.

Eleven year old Eric Olson, and dad Shane, work together in a micro growth project, aimed to bring economic transformations in a village,  in Bangalore, India.

Seven year old Aaron is a born entertainer; since his birth, he has always enjoyed travelling to far off places and making new friends. Because of his charisma and friendly personality, he is usually the one, people remember to ask about. All of seven, on his own initiative, he has begun to fund raise selling lemonade to his neighbours and friends. The money collected goes to help impoverished children of migrant laborers who live nearby in tiny tin shacks.

It is the desire of the family to one day settle in Liberia one of the poorest countries of the World, and serve amongst the poorest of the poor.