Gathering Together has always reached out to the needy with love and care. Lara and Shane Olson have informally adopted 25 young men and women, from different countries. Love knows no color, or culture, or values nor does it depend on one’s socio economic background.

One of their adopted sons, Mawuena was ill and in need of hospitalization. To Love is to reach out. Mawuena is one of their sons. Lara spent a lot of sleepless nights worrying about her son and reaching out to him. She arranged for his well being and has been monitoring his health and keeping in touch with the hospital authorities, and his family and friends.

Love is being part of the international family. Loving those different to us in color, culture, values, and socio economic backgrounds is key to children learning love. Exposing children through trips to different countries and cultures helps build values in the next generation as well as building strong family bonds.

This is what working in an international NGO does. It breaks all barriers of race, nationality, ethnicity, class, language, gender et al. When families work together, children grow up learning the value of human life and dignity. Gathering Together seeks to promote human life and dignity in every country in which it has a base. Do join us as families to bring joy to those who have no reason to be joyful.