Learning to Serve:  Nathan Brantingham

We were a group of kids paying tag in the Philippines.  While playing, a little girl’s pair of shoes broke! When she showed them to me, I was surprised because they were way too small for her. She told me it was her only pair. I felt her pain. I felt helpless as I thought I had no money. I was happy when I found a left over 50 pesos from my dinner the previous night.  I took her shoes to get it fixed. To my joy, I found that a new pair cost just 30pesos. ($1) I immediately bought her a new pair of bigger shoes. 

 When I returned and gave her the new pair of shoes, she smiled at me and ran away clasping them tightly to her.  She never said thank you or how much she liked them, but I knew that she was grateful. It was a mutual understanding of each other’s emotions, felt by the heart, not spoken in words. I watched her for a while as she showed her shoes to all her friends and even let the other girls try them. The thing that made me happiest; every time I saw her after this incident, she was smiling. I felt she was the happiest child amongst all the children who attended the English sessions, once she got her new shoes.


That night, back at the hotel I felt more contentment than I had ever felt. It took such a small gesture to make someone happy. I had finally learned that serving with love, can bring joy and contentment. .

It takes so little to bring joy to others.