Changing Lives; One Relationship at a Time.

When Shane Olson joined General Motors international, Lara drew up a list of countries where they were definitely NEVER going to live. She didn’t want to live in any country which had a hot sweltering climate, or difficult living conditions. And so for 13 years, Shane, took up job assignments in countries which belonged to Lara’s comfort zone.

Little did they dream of the life events that would take place when Lara agreed to live in any country regardless of the climate or living conditions! Shane subsequently got posted in a developing country. This sensitive family began to reach out to the poor, the marginalized, and the underprivileged. They kept an open house for the needy. Gathering Together was the outcome as the need was felt for an organization which would reach out as the need arose.

Lara and Shane Olson celebrate their silver wedding anniversary this December, 2016. They have 3 children, currently aged 13, 11 and 7 actively involved in Gathering Together.