Change a Life.
Change a Destiny.
Change a Community.

Gathering Together is a registered non – profit, with a 501 (c) 3 designation that provides tax exemption.

Your donations are vital to usher in change in impoverished communities. We are committed to integrity and transparency in all our financial transactions. We do not have an infrastructure nor paid staff, hence your donations go directly to the beneficiaries.

Gathering Together invites individuals, corporates and groups to partner with us  by your generous gifts of money. You can also raise money for our cause within  your circles of influence.

Do use your talents and skills to do fundraisers, such as musical events, garage sales, holding marathons, art exhibitions etc. We will be happy to provide support for your efforts, as much as is feasible, depending on the location and the size of the event. Please contact us.

Donations can be a one time amount, or periodical amounts which is convenient to you. choose how you want to donate and for what you would like to donate.

Please visit our projects pages. You can choose the project for which you would like to send your donations.

Please use the form  for your donations.